Our Crew management services include but not limited the following services:

  • Initial Interview, vetting and selection of Crew (including In-House training and CBT’s)
  • Crew changes planning and implementation
  • Administration and Payment of Crew Allotments and Salaries
  • Pre-joining Medical, Dental and Drug and Alcohol Tests
  • P&I handling
  • Flag Documentation Application and issuance
  • Issuance of Working Gear
  • Joining and Repatriation Expenses (including Domestic transportation when applicable), issuance of visas
  • Crew Appraisal Monitoring and reporting
  • Crew Training
  • Victualing
  • Communication Expenses
  • Crew Welfare
  • Attendance Fee (Including annual visit to the vessel by our Crewing Manager or Superintendent)
  • Financial Control and reporting
  • Quarterly and Annual Crewing Reports and Statistics

Our services can be tailor made in accordance with the requirements of our principals. Therefor we can provide either a “full crew management” scheme based on fixed monthly Lump sum budget govern under BIMCO Crewman B contract 2009 or a “ cost plus fee crew management “ scheme , govern under BIMCO Crewman A contract 2009.

Office in Office:

For principals who would like to have a daily overlook of the crewing activities, we can offer dedicated office space in any of our locations. For these scheme the principal may choose to have either one of the crewing schemes that we offer with the addition of an office in office arrangement.

Last but not least we are very open to discuss any alterations in order to build together with our principals the appropriate crewing scheme that suits better their profile and organization.