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I’ve had to stop because the volume finally caught up with me, but the result has been what I planned for: bigger legs. I like to do a high rep set (about 20 reps) after squatting currently. Cybex Leg Press Machine (Vs Squat) There is an argument over what is better for you; weights or machines. 99. That’s right – leg press is mostly a quads exercise and the great thing is, leg press allows you to train your quads with some really heavy weights. typically only single leg. Whilst this works incredibly well; for the guy who struggles to squat, sticking to the leg press and just doing a bit more volume instead is probably a better option. I always thought leg presses were for pussies afraid to squat, but after my squat workout this evening, just for kicks, I got on the leg press and loaded on a weight I could just barely do in good form for 3 sets of ten. This in fact was why I was doing leg presses. I really don’t understand why there is so much hate on leg presses. Leg Press. Knock out a set of 20 repetitions with 225 pounds on the leg press then immediately follow that up with 20 bodyweight or air squats, in other words, going as deep as your new knee will allow and tell me if your legs are not on fire after that. All he cares about is that he can “lift” more weight than that muscle bound pussy over there -lol. Cybex Leg Press machine gives you an extra support to keep your spine straight and handles to better grip your position. However, this does not make your back injury-proof. Meanwhile, everything is-quite literally-on your shoulders when doing a squat. The weight I tend to use is between 200 and 250 pounds and you can do that for high reps. Leg presses are seated exercises done on a leg press machine. It’s the forces you put through the prosthesis with the heavy pressing movements that can damage and prematurely wear it out. Both the leg press and squat are intended to strengthen the muscles of your legs, but the leg press has several limiting factors concerning the action of the movement compared to the squat… and the squat strengthens more than just your legs. iv hd this ‘problem’ too recently. … It’s especially good for rehabbing ankle injuries. Try for instance 10 rounds of air squats for 30 seconds work sets, 15 seconds rest between sets. For you younger lifters that feel the leg press is for sissies, you will also in time make the adjustments I assure you. [quote]skidmark wrote: Lee Priest Leg Press Laughs - Duration: 10:26. keeps the CNS burnout down if you keep it unilateral. I've been getting lower back pain, some of which I can tell is radiating from the gluteus minimus, some that feels like The leg press and squat work the quads similarly, but the squat allows you to activate other muscle groups, including your core, glutes, hamstrings, and back. Also takes the strain off the back so I suppose it could be good for deloading. I hate it because it locks you into one particular motion (machine on a rail). ACL patients on rehabilitation may effectively do the squats and the leg presses. If your goal is to add size and strength, leg presses are near the top of the list. HB Healthybros |Sissy Squat Machine Leg Press Machine -Withstand 440Ib - Squat & Leg Exercise for Strong Quads & Glutes. After all it looks way cooler to load up 6 or more 45 pound plates on each side of the leg press than to get under the bar in the squat rack with only 1 or 2 each side. Mixing all of these exercises will give you the best leg burning workout possible. Squats are a compound movement that requires back and core stabilization and can target different part of the quad and hams depending on foot placement. Leg press is a pretty good accessory; by far the most underrated exercise. The clear answer is always going to be the leg press. It usually never occurs to him that his legs look like crap, while the guy a few feet over in the squat rack, doing full ATG squats with a ‘mere’ 275 lbs is sporting some damn impressive quads. after squats (usually front squats). This week Jessenia Vice breaks down the squat and the leg press and then YOU decide which is best in the gym. Don’t need a spotter of course. To truly blast your quads, hit the leg press machine after squatting. The seated leg press is a great way to exercise all four muscle groups of the quads Squats however, can work the entire body and provide a full workout, depending on the type of squat exercise you are doing. Squats Burn More Calories. The leg press is often used an accessory exercise for after squatting heavy. Cons: $363.99 $ 363. If you’re not on a dedicated bulking phase it is unlikely to, however it can still be used to maintain a certain degree of volume and thus retain improvements in body composition. You can train glutes and hamstring by changing foot position. Lately been keeping my feet together, toes slightly angled out, and positioned low on the sled so that my hams and glute involvement is minimized. Also, please share what you may be doing to increase your leg strength after total knee replacement surgery and share it in the comment section below. while sparing my tired back. If you’re already doing deadlift, good morning, bent-over rows, clean or snatch at other times in the week, it really adds ups in the lower back. Also takes the strain off the back so I suppose it could be good for deloading. Knock out a set of 20 repetitions with 225 pounds on the leg press then immediately follow that up with 20 bodyweight or air squats, in other words, going as deep as your new knee will allow and tell me if your legs are not on fire after that. I have been doing this now close to 18 years without incident. Although the leg press is a good workout addition, especially if you want to build strong quads, the potential for injury may be greater than with squats. Richard Haynes is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Personal Trainer for Older Adults Through the American Council on Exercise.Richard lives and practices in Bradenton, Florida. them. If you had to pick between the leg press and squat for being the ‘biggest bang for your buck’, I would recommend the … Increase quality and volume of squat instead. LOLrus. yes. However, this is NOT an indication that the leg press is any better than doing a squat. Sports Conditioning Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/leg_press_for_a_bigger_deadlift. The thighs, hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, back, and core are all being activated and used in order to perform the perfect squat maneuver. For quads and glutes workout, if you have a Cybex Leg Press machine, then go for the machine. The leg press is fine so long as it’s not taking the place of proper squats. The leg press is a great movement as an ancillary to the squat due to its ability to overload the muscle and stimulate hypertrophy. Another tool in the bag for getting some more volume without stressing my back.[/quote]. The bigger advantage of leg press was mentioned numerous time already, it’s the fact that it doesn’t strain lower back. You can use your imagination when it comes to working legs after knee surgery, just use some common sense, you want to be in it for the long haul. Leg press is a really great exercise to do when aiming for strength and leg development. As good as squats? If you are able to do squats, then do so, then add in your hack squats and leg press. 1. It allows you to lift the maximum amount of weight. If you’re looking for a no-frills leg exercise, the leg press is your best option, but if you want to keep building your squat skills, go for the hack squat on your next leg day. But, I also was well aware now that some changes and modifications were in order when it came to weight training and my legs. But for heaven’s sake do not quit working your legs altogether or think you are doomed to a skinny or nonfunctional pair of legs. I like to do a high rep set (about 20 reps) after squatting currently. You’re also less prone to injury with leg press than with squats. And I realize that there is medical personnel right now that would think this may be a bit extreme, just work within your limits and understand what your boundaries are in the first place, everyone is different and will have different starting weights, etc…. A good tool? Thus, if after lean mass gains, make sure you stay tight and safe on leg press, never round your back, and keep your body tight to promote joint stability. That, however, will also depend on the level of pain you are in and how it has affected your quality of life. I alternated each week with the hack squat machine as well, doing 20 reppers there. im doing a push/pull with squats in the push, with smolov esque loading and rep/sets. Total Joint Fitness LLC But yes, it is very handy for quad work when you’re too fried to do heavy lunges or squat. To start, sit with your back against a padded backrest and your feet on two large footrests. Prevents squat burnout haha and it’s relatively easy to do widowmaker sets. It put unnecessary volume which make the workout harder to fully recover from. 4.7 out of 5 stars 7. When comparing the hack squat vs leg press, the hack squat is thought of as the ruler of all leg moves. Steve Goggins did (does?) leg press, knee raises, leg lifts, stair climbing. I was not about to give up my entire leg exercise routine and pretend I was 75 years old now and never saw the inside of a gym in my life, just because I had total knee replacement surgery. I believe the reason for the hate is the typical wanna-be-gym rat who will load up as many plates as possible, and then proceed to move the sled a few inches each ‘rep’ before jumping up and strutting around like he was Tom Platz. Keep doing them! It’s a nice change-up to throw in on occasion after squatting or when an injury is preventing squatting. Exactly. [quote]CPerfringens wrote: I do the same thing after squatting on my ME days. The bottom line: Both leg presses and squats have a place in your lower-body … The leg press is a different workout, and almost all of us prefer this exercise because we are able to eliminate the lower-body muscle fibers. Therefore, the leg press can isolate quads more directly, whereas the squat target multiple muscles at once. Anyone try hip belt squats? No difference in muscle activity or knee force in squat or leg press when feet were straight ahead or turned out 30 degrees. It put unnecessary volume which make the workout harder to fully recover from. Leg press is sweet to throw in the mix. If you are looking to go heavy as you did before or cannot face the fact you have to use lighter weight, then I recommend you do not have the knee replacement surgery done in the first place. Just wondering - why all the hate on the leg press? If you don’t have a leg press machine, trap bar DL is pretty similar. If the target is on the quad muscle growth, then put your feet to the bottom. Good luck with those changing room stairs. The same thing can be said about the leg press when compared to the squat. I’m not usually using the leg press for strength, but to build more muscle tissue and supporting structures that I can convert into strength in the squat, deadlift and variations. So in the context of rehabing leg and mid-upper back injuries the leg press thing is key. Mostly 25 lb. Adjust the seat or limit the range of motion or really concentrate on keeping the butt on the pads and the pain doesn’t occur. 4. I was never one in the first place who loaded up 500-600 pounds and did deep squats so, powerlifting was not something I excelled at or would have missed. Your toes should have a small outward angle to prevent them from pointing forward. It’s the only lift i can go mad heavy on because it has no balance parameters. That usually happens because of the seat position wherein the rear comes off the pad and the back rounds to support the range of motion. Hack squats optimize your workout, but normal squats are also important. I did work on both the leg press and squats with moderate weights however and of course, that’s relative in a sense. The biggest mistake that people make while using a leg press machine is lowering the platform too far down. When reviewing my email first thing in the morning one of the most frequent questions I get from current bodybuilders or weight training enthusiasts like myself is questions regarding using the leg press and /or squatting after knee replacement surgery. Leg presses are a better choice if you want to avoid spinal loading entirely, remove any trunk and/or upper body musculature from assisting, or you just enjoy this exercise more than hack squats. I’ve done them during a whole cycle after my front squat and I strongly believe it didn’t help at all. Someone mentioned the lower back problem they got from leg press. I’d say if you’re already doing squats sometime in your week, you don’t need any leg press. Since you’ll work more muscles during a squat than during a leg press, … Today nearly 19 years after knee replacement surgery, I still use both, though I favor the leg press as I find the leg press is excellent in balancing the weight and taking the strain off other parts of my body. And good for accessory work too. I presently use lightweight and work on a HIIT program with it to maximize a pump in the muscles and spur on new strength and growth as well. This helps you overload the muscle. 7% coupon applied at checkout Save 7% with coupon (some sizes/colors) Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. That’s why I’d use leg press instead of squat in a cycle designed to improve one of the other lift I mentioned up here. 2. Another tool in the bag for getting some more volume without stressing my back. I’ve done them during a whole cycle after my front squat and I strongly believe it didn’t help at all. While the activation of hamstrings and glutes is less when compared vs squats, this leaves your quadriceps to pick up the slack. Ultimately, the leg press will build your squat if it builds significant quad hypertrophy - the same can be said of any isolation exercise for any muscle group used in a larger compound movement. Richard Haynes PTA, CPT Instead, it just means you have an advantage of a machine’s assistance in performing a movement. Quite simply because once you remove all of the mechanics, balance and coordination needed to effectively squat, the leg press can then be used to focus solely on leg strength, or in the case of the bodybuilder, to grow muscle. Plate-Loaded Leg Press Machine Normally found in commercial gyms, a press machine loaded by plates -- known also as a leverage leg press machine -- has you sit in the seat that’s close to the ground and lift multiple 45-pound plates with your leg squats. Most people aren’t able to squat using much weight in the initial because they don’t have core and leg strength to be able to power through the exercises. I would never use it double legged in a program where and athlete could do both front and back squats. Highlights of Leg Press and Squat Forces and Muscle Activity. Your knees are … Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment 144,425 views. but 10-15 mins after, i feel like i havnt done enough, so i do a proper 20rep, good fun. In fact, this is a question I see from older adults as well who are more inclined to use a leg press than squatting weight on their back with a barbell. There’s no natural freedom. Like squat, leg press also has pros and cons but it has more pros than cons compared to squat. Bradenton, Florida. I've been doing lower body exercises 3-4x/wk. Im using it right now for single leg presses to keep the strength of my legs up while i cant do heavy squats. Sean Nalewanyj 95,197 views. If i am training legs i want to put my effort and energy into lifts that will have the MOST benefit. Put your feet comfortably on the pad and let them be shoulder-width apart. Alternatives to High Prescription and Medical Costs, Why Physical Therapy Requires Mental Toughness To Be Successful, Your Health, a Good Defense Is a Good Offense, Strength Training After Total Joint Replacement Surgery, How To Control Swelling After Knee Replacement Surgery, ” Clicking and Clunking ” After Knee Replacement Surgery, Three Healthy Habits Every Older Adult Needs to Follow, Total Joint Replacement Rehabilitation, Don’t Rush The Process. Watch our This Or That episode above! squats & lunges, 90 lb. I’ll try to find it. That said, I still include it in the rotation for my DC routine. Leg Press Pros and Cons. That should basically take care of the pussy theory. In comparison to squatting, leg press machine has a less chance of injuring your back and the reason is that it has a back support. I will use 135 pounds as well at the end of my workout as fatigue sets in and just knock out high repetitions to get the blood flowing through my quads and hamstrings’ as well. Leg press is a pretty good accessory; by far the most underrated exercise. You just need to understand after knee surgery that the days of loading up on heavy iron will have to stop but, you still can get in an effective workout without damaging the prosthesis. 7:14. I may knock out two or three sets of leg extensions for 15-20 repetitions and then immediately go to either the leg press or the smith machine to knock out leg presses or light squats. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Both the hack squat and the leg press are best used to round out exercise plans that already target the posterior chain, the calves, hip flexors, and core muscles with other exercises. I actually don’t like leg pressing, cause i feel it does not have as much carry over to sport performance as other lifts do. Of course in the body of the email is the infamous, ” my surgeon said to either swim or get into a pool to exercise my legs” well if you were like me that didn’t go over too well. Hack squats are a better choice if you want an exercise that is more specific to the back squat, or you simply prefer this machine to the leg press. I actually love doing the sled after squats. I am thinking of adding them as an adjunct to my regular (primary) program of squatting and DLing. By the way, I continue to work my calves and hamstrings no different than I  did before surgery with the same amount of weight, etc…. Something goofy in there that makes my lumbar region hurt after a couple weeks, which never happens with the squat. I gotta tell ya, it was very challenging and seemed to recruit a lot of muscle mass. Thing like bulgarian split squats limit the weight due to the need for balance. I have always done them after my squats and have always made progress. Like most pieces of gym apparatus, it’s a good tool if you understand how to properly use it. I like to do one leg leg press in a rest pause style. If you want to target the glutes, then put your feet on the pad above. There was an article on here a while back about how leg pressing can help you with the initial leg drive of a deadlift. If I can be of more help in regards to this subject matter feel free to either email me at richard@totaljointfitness.com or, leave a comment below. The leg press also works the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Good accessory, especially if your lower back needs a break. Air squats are one of my favorites now as I get a good leg workout along with continued cardiovascular conditioning. I am a big believer in pre-fatiguing the quadriceps group before I get on the leg press for instance. It’s a nice change-up to throw in on occasion after squatting or when an injury is preventing squatting. You can get an awesome pump and really feel it afterwards. I needed more volume on the legs but didn’t want to involve the back. But because there is less range of motion than there is with the squat, the quads work harder with this exercise. Conclusion: Hack Squats vs Leg Press How to Approach Hack Squats. No back issues, free range of motion, emphasis on the quads. Back Squat Training Loads for the Development of Lower Body Muscular Power During Squatting Movements The Jump Squat: Free Weight Barbell, Smith Machine, or Dumbbells? Typically, the exercise is performed at an angle of around 45-degrees , whereby the user of the machine will sit in the seat with their back against a padded backrest, place the flats of their feet on a platform, unlock the device, and press the platform with their chosen resistance by extending the legs and returning to the … Something disconcerting to me about doing compound movements for the lower body on machines… the hip & low back just feel like they’re along for the ride, even though they’re involved to various extents. As you age and wear and tear sets in, it’s a smart move. no. Not sure how much further this discussion can go, but I agree with Aragorn in that you’re really locked into a “particular motion”. Bodybuilding, fitness, weight training - … Leg Press. Pros: Beginner friendly; Can focus on form as you’re doing machine exercise so no need to focus on the balance. Hard to see how this can’t be good for size & strength gains. 5. After my surgery, though, I didn’t completely give up on either exercise. I use it periodically, but I’ve actually found it’s harder on my low back than the squat. But by no means does that mean there is no place for leg press. Edit: here it is, http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/leg_press_for_a_bigger_deadlift. Try Jim Wendler’s Triumvirate workout: three sets of five squats, five sets of 15 on the leg press, and 4 sets of 10 on the leg curl. Leg press is probably the best exercise to replace squats. These machines can also be used for weighted calf raises. The leg press is an exercise that is performed on a leg press machine. They can be an incredibly beneficial tool, depending on what your goals are. Leg Press Vs. Squat For Lower Body Gains - Duration: 7:14.

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