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They come from many sources and are not checked. It’s about the colonial Europeans coming to America and the interactions with the native Americans. Meaning of run for the hills. Aren't the hills the easiest place for the enemy to spot the peasants/people who "run for the hills" or "run to the hills"? Running for the hills. I have no doubt that many people would like to escape the stresses and demands of life by "running for the hills," but this article will focus on the serious side of this question. Showing page 1. What does run for the hills mean? Found 363 sentences matching phrase "run for the hills".Found in 28 ms. Definition of run for the hills in the Definitions.net dictionary. We did our jobs, pick up speed now lets move." While the mistaken word maintains the same meaning, as "auld" means "old" in Scottish, the correct word is "auld." That is, its meaning focuses on the act of running away, and not on the height of the hills. Its an English expression. ? 5. Why isn't the saying: Run and hide in the forest! Or even: Run and hide! Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Information and translations of run for the hills in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. It's fairly common in AE, and I think it's derived from a supposed warning issued after a dam burst, causing the Johnstown (Pennsylvania, USA) flood of 1889: "Run for the hills! ... We two have run about the hills. "Run for the hills" is a colloquial expression meaning "run for safety [or go into hiding] right now, because disaster is about to strike." People would usually say it if you said something bad and the response would be 'they'd run for the hills' Posted by Lora on June 22, 2006. You cannot discern God’s direction about “running for the hills” without a vibrant, living, informed faith and a humble, obedient heart. God is righteous, He loves righteousness, and the righteous are in audience with Him (meaning God delivers His own, they have close communion with Him, and they daily live in His blessed presence. I know that it means "run for your lives", but why would running to the hills be a good idea to hide? It just means that people would be eager to run away. "Run for the hills, pick up your feet and lets go. head for the hills synonyms, head for the hills pronunciation, head for the hills translation, English dictionary definition of head for the hills. What does "I don't want to send you running for the hills" mean? Head for the hills or alternatively make for the hills means to “run away”, to “scram”, to “skedaddle”, to “get lost”. It deals with it from the native American point of view, with the Europeans seen as invaders. From time to time the staff receives phone calls and emails asking, "Has the time come to run for the hills? " Define head for the hills. "; "The burglars escaped before the police showed up" fly the... Head for the hills - definition of head for the hills … ... cut and run; "If you see this man, run! Be warned. Running for the hills ESC 22/June/06 ESC 22/June/06 Run For The Hills meaning, Definition & Detail meaning of Run For The Hills with gives you the best and accurate meanings of Run For The Hills.

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