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This fake eagle measures 38.86 mm rather than the 40.6 mm it should.) Orobel SPRL utilise des cookies afin d’améliorer votre expérience et optimiser nos sites et services. Category: SILVER KRUGERRANDS - PREMIUM UNCIRCULATED. Niton Test Results. on Make your DIY dreams Happen with Dremel. All other silver Krugerrands prior to 2017 are fake and illegal, even if they contain 99.99% silver. Since its release, this coin has been trading fo… $4.49 shipping. (The forger also got the diameter wrong. The counterfeiter is depending upon his skill and the buyer’s trust coupled without the hope that the buyer won’t vet the fake. However, the after melt assay of all the combined mass of non-genuine Krugerrands proved to be exact 22K, of the exact Krugerrand composition of 91.6% gold, the rest only copper. Fake Krugerrand are more yellow than rosés, 2. In addition to the beautiful design of the antelope, this side features the name of the coin ‘Krugerrand,’ the year of issue, and the phrase ‘Fyngoud 1 oz Fine Silver.’ Although the designs on the gold and silver Krugerrands are identical, the first silver variants (2017 Silver Krugerrands) will bear a unique privy mark. Now, owning precious metals may become even easier with the addition of the silver and platinum coins. The Krugerrand (/ ˈ k r uː ɡ ə r æ n d /; Afrikaans: [ˈkrœjərˌrant]) is a South African coin, first minted on 3 July 1967 to help market South African gold and produced by Rand Refinery and the South African Mint. Get the best deals on krugerrand when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. (left: Fake Krugerrand, right: Original Krugerrand), 1. Made mostly with a core of tungsten and gold plated. 2021 1 oz Silver Krugerrand South African Bullion Coin .999 Fine Brilliant Uncirculated IRA Approved The 2021 1 oz Silver Krugerrand is a bullion coin minted in .999 fine silver by the South African Mint. 2001 American Eagle 1oz gold. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. 53. Yes, it is a new product. A line is missing from the Springbok flank, 7. Buying sovereign minted silver coins and other silver bullion products is an affordable safe haven investment that has stood the test of time. A Kruggerand that is rotated and ringing in his swing and his swing on a table or glass will have a more serious and much less acute than genuine Krugerrand. We Niton tested a 2017 50th Anniversary 1oz Gold Krugerrand. 2020 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand BU Uncirculated Coin Solid 925 Sterling Silver Necklace NEW - Springbok Antelope. Handmade by a Small Business. Mail: info@orobel.biz Call 800-313-3315 or visit us online! The weight of a coin is … A fake almost weighs the same as a real Krugerrand with the same measures. Details are not present in the relief of the buttocks, 6. For a number of years, false Krugerrands were produced and manufactured in China. The item on the right is a counterfeit that fooled an elderly investor who spent $84,000 to unsuspectingly purchase fake … The South African gold Krugerrand has long been recognized around the world as a go-to coin for bullion investors. ZA 2020 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Lot of (5) Coins Brilliant Uncirculated w/Certificates of Authenticity by CoinFolio BU. Offering an ideal combination between affordability, bulk, and ease of storage, 10 oz silver bars provide investors with a great deal of diversity. $6.99 shipping. The coin should contain one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of gold, however we found it to contain 0.9816 ounces (30.5312 grams), almost 2% less gold content than it should have. Buy 1 oz Gold Krugerrand Coins Online The first Gold bullion coin in the world and a persistent favorite outside of the United States, the Krugerrand is generally one of the more affordable Gold coins on the market and is recognizable for its unique hue and depiction of a springbok antelope. Palladium $2,480.47-21.70. $205.53 $ 205. This difference is important to understand. Here is a true and a false picture and the details which need attention. Now, for the first time, it is available in an affordable, and stunning, .999 fine 1 troy ounce of silver version, for those who want to buy silver … Above the antelope’s image, a small circle encloses the number ’50,’ indicating the 50th anniversary of … For a number of years, false Krugerrands were produced and manufactured in China. 314 Please support and visit channel sponsor The Silver Forum at http://thesilverforum.com for the best in silver and gold discussion Made mostly with a core of tungsten and gold plated. Hide Charts (800)313-3315. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. More than 6000 industry professionals and hobby enthusiasts receive monthly specials and promotions. The 2017 Silver Krugerrand has a 50 privy mint mark on the reverse side of the coin which is omitted on subsequent releases ie from 2018, onward. Price: R 900,00. 1783 CFT. 95. Checks the major gold & silver coins - Krugerrand, American Eagle, Maple Leaf, Philharmonic, American Buffalo, US $20, Sovereign, Mexican 50 Pesos, Silver American Eagle, Silver Maple Leaf, Silver Philharmonic, US Silver Dollar and more. The Proof South African Silver Krugerrand has more notches than its bullion counterpart. The name given to these coins was premium uncirculated. 2017 Silver 1 oz krugerrand Premium Uncirculated. How to spot fake gold when buying from local dealers. The easiest way to avoid purchasing a fake Krugerrand will be to deal only with a reputable vendor, particularly a coin seller who specializes in or has extensive experience with Krugerrand coins. The surface had trace amounts of iron, manganese, and silver in addition to gold. $128.95 $ 128. March 9, 2017 - Silver Krugerrand Release Date & Exclusive Label Design Revealed. African Krugerrand Tenth $124.50 We also buy many other forms of gold bullion and gold coins that are not listed on this site , including U. S. gold coins from before 1933, world gold coins and medals, and scrap and placer gold by sight or assay.

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