is the pax 2 safe

Just press an outer edge of the lid and it will pop off. To answer your question, all 3 of those vapes produce excellent quality vapor, they’re the best of the best. However, this is really personal preference, 2-3 hours is really not an extremely long charge time, it’s pretty average. After 8 months happy vaping, my pax 2 stopped working (on a saturday night, ffs! Furthermore, if you want to conserve your material, the pusher will work with a relatively smaller amount, but the vape volume with be smaller as well. The Pax 2 only stood on its own for a little over a year before the Pax 3 was debuted, so the gap in upgrades is a little odd. Interesting, I dropped mine and the tech told me via chat they can’t help me with accidental damage…. The fresh product is dry, but not dried out… If that makes sense? So I guess I was hoping it was gonna be $250, it’s still worth it at $280, but if it came out at $300 or above I’d think it’s too much :), If they had priced it over $300, I would have taken a hard look at the Crafty instead, stealthy-portability be damned…. The vapor it produces is smooth and comfortable, and definitely a little better than the original. A clean Pax is a happy Pax (and a happy you!). Great article as always..keep up the good work! I upgraded to a pax2 from a Wulf Vape Classic and it was worth it. From what I am reading the quality has been improving. Beware there are no returns. I have the original pax and I love it. I am new to MM and really have no clue which portable vape to buy. Hey Bud, I just bought the Pax and was excited try it. This blows more than a toothless hooker, but not in a good way. Any suggestions on how to mitigate it? Hi Budd, Thanks for the best vape reviews on the net! A good option is to half-pack the oven top use less material, but then vape that all in one session. I am not a fan of the Crafty because the unacceptable battery life and the other issues I’ve read about related to the firmware and Bluetooth. thanks for the reviews. If so, this is an issue, since I like to do a few hits and then bike home, so the Pax 2 would never be completely motionless. I feel like I’m wasting material as well. Is this normal? Pax website is impossible to use. How can I get the Pax 3??? warranty and repair in Europe… and if I get the PAX from “magicvaporizers” I’ll have the original 10 y.w. I should talk about the odor more in my reviews, and I’m actually going to post a follow up video to further explain some aspects of this vape. That is just my overall rating I still think the Firefly is awesome too!! What am I doing wrong? I was happy with it, it did get hot air on the high setting, but it worked and got me toasted. These grooves are where the air flows through to the mouthpiece, so when they get a little gunked up with residue it can make it a little harder to pull from. I prefer a high quality portable vale less on the smelly side. I’ve decided I want a Pax 2. I used the original for a week and the flaws were evident, though manageable. Customer Reviews . Hi Bud… I’m trusting you on this one, I just dropped a lot of cash to buy a PAX 2 from your link. I don’t remember which video it was, though – sorry. It’s my first pax. Next day (tuesday), i get a reply saying they couldn’t open the video …but from the description they would be sending a new pax 2 !! ive also seen the firefly 2 because it is convection but I’m not to attracted to that one even though ive heard the vapor quality is the best. I followed all the advices, but nothing! Ordered the pax 2 and can’t wait, battery life was the real winner for me. How would you compare the odor from the Mighty to the Pax 2? Submitted multiple claims with no response. Keeping your unit clean is very important for optimal performance and results. if you take the time ti verify authentic and learn to use it properly, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Update – It’s Rick again and I would like to provide some feedback about the residual oder. When no draw is detected the temperature in the chamber is slightly lowered so the contents don’t continue to heat unnecessarily (every 20 seconds your lip is not sensed the oven’s temp is reduced by 9°F). Pax is reliable (with not only a 10 year limited warranty, but a lithium ion battery to hold a perfect charge). Would I recommend this unit? Hey Charlie, yes you will most likely use less material with this vape versus combusting. I pop my screen out and give the chamber a quick scrub every few sessions, but I’ll talk more about maintenance in a minute. Please help me not completely regret spending this $280! i can see how Dry/ fine grind is the way to Vape! First of all, the lights were flashing a little crazy, and then, the device stopped warming. Try cleaning it often and lubricating the mouthpiece. Haha! BOMBER CASE - Pax 2 & Pax 3 Bumper End Caps - 4 Pack - Smell Proof & Odor Proof Soft Case Protective Cover Accessory 4.2 out of 5 stars 22 $8.99 $ 8 . It actually tastes better as the vapor pathway has been cleaned up … ALCOHOL* to clean it, because the latter is toxic and I don’t trust it, it gave me allergies. The product packaging recommends 3 hours of charging for a “happy vape,” while the PAX website recommends just 2 hours, so anywhere in between 2-3 hours is probably a safe bet. PAX 3 comes with a rechargeable 3500mAh Lithium-ion battery and on a full charge lasts approximately 8-10 sessions. The new outer shell looks sleek, has an elegant feel and is overall way more solid than the original – I’d definitely consider this one sexier and more luxurious. In an internal memo that went viral on social media, it was said that, “after a series of screening, spanning eight weeks, NAFDAC has today approved our PAXHERBAL Covid-19 herbal drug, PAXHERBAL CUGZIN, for public use. Even though, they house a 2600mAh and 3500mAh battery respectively! If you like the pen idea but don’t want to buy from V2 you can also get the sam exact unit from the vape store I recommend under the QuickDraw brand name, you’ll find a link for it on my V2 Pro page. Charge time via PAX AC Adapter: 90 min. You’ll notice that the “screen” is not really a screen at all, it’s more of a stainless steel plate with grooves around the edges. Any one disagree, you can buy it off of me. Awesome device. Buy PAX 2 Vaporizer Online. Do you know if the battery will last longer and be more effective if you let the Pax 2 fully Drain and Charge? Then I was using it with a friend and he said “Don’t you just turn it off the same way you turn it on?” Lo and behold, yes, you just press down once on the mouthpiece to turn it on and again to turn it off. :) I have a cloud that has always been a nice cheap item, but I really wanted something that could handle dry material, so I found your reviews and finally settled on the PAX 2… can’t wait to get it in a couple of days! Hi again, I test the pax 2 with a different type of grass and it works perfectly! I’ve explained myself over and over and they just tell me the device is working properly. Pax also raised the value as the prices went down significantly over the years – while PAX 2 was sold for $280, the PAX 3 can be found today for less than $200 (for the basic kit). This so called vaporizer was designed upside down and the air flows backwards. Hey you mean you’re deciding between the two Paxes right? Advertisement Stir it and pack it down a little again. I would like to know that If I order the Pax 2, which I should be doing next month, If its possible to attach the original Pax power cord to the charging dock that comes with the new Pax 2? A fully discharged battery is indicated by the top left petal blinking red 3 times. Buy here. As a seashell collecter I get all sandy all over. Hey man thanks for all the great reviews, I was wondering if you knew if the pax 1 mouthpiece would fit in the pax 2 hole and possibly provide less draw resistance? Great review man, keep them coming! it is worth the price every time. The Pax 2 and Pax 3 are open-system devices and they are slightly larger. The fake PAX 2 has a pixelated image with a rougher texture and feel, whereas the authentic possesses a stable and higher quality image. I just bought this product and its a waste of money. Advice please? Then you’re doing something wrong! Thanks for the Grate videos. I heard good things about it. I’m having trouble with my PAX. The heating element is a “non-ceramic tuned thin film heater” bonded to the oven and outside of the vapor path, according to PAX. The Pax 2 is one of the most talked about vapes of the last couple years, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most loved. The potency of your material can play a factor as well. This will simultaneously clean the stainless steel vapor path itself where residue builds, and the next step is to scrub the oven a little with that iso-dampened pipe cleaner. Do you mind if I ask, what do you consider to be medium-fine consistency? May be it because I have only tried it with the peppermint that I received in the package? It’s a very well-rounded, good looking, good performing vape. Bud, thansk for your review, very helpful. Make sure you grind your herb really fine; Make sure your oven (bowl) is fully packed, or half packed with the screen method / half pack oven lid, and; Make sure you pack your oven tightly, really compress your herb (don’t overdo this though). In your opinion which portable units emit the least amount of odor? Are they counterfits or what. My pax 2 stopped working also. Why do you continue to promote this as #1 with these problems. I haven’t heard of the magicvaporizers store and I don’t have any experience with them so unfortunately I can’t comment accurately on their service I’m sorry! Another con is the experience of blowing out a lot of vape , you do get a smoky effect that is visible (first five draws especially) but sometimes it’s just not noticeable and this can dampen the experience for some people as they like to see lots of smoke coming out . I have a couple questions. Your malicious feedback is straight lies. Frequently Asked Questions The PAX 2/3 Multi Tool is food-grade safe with no toxic byproducts produced as you load or unload your vaporizer’s chamber. no matter what. Now it sucks …. A business day for a phone rep.they have no problem taking your money and not updating you with emails. What’s up Bud? Am I missing something obvious about how to manually end a session? Here is what I am specifically interested in. The PAX gets me nowhere. At the moment, you can choose either the black or silver colorway for your new Pax 2. I have been using the original Pax for over a year with great results and satisfaction. If the product was that good they would allow returns. Pax 2: To fully pack a Pax 2 oven, it usually takes about 0.5 grams. 25 comments. Hey man what’s up, pretty chillin over here ;). Its features include a fast-heating chamber and a long-lasting battery to go along with class-leading vapor quality that rivals devices with twice the price. :) Bye, hello men, i got my pax 2 yesterday but no visibile vapor! EVERY SINGLE TIME, NO PROBLEM. its kinda hard to not choose the mighty over the pax products but ive heard that there is a possibility of a defect. is one of only four companies accredited by the federal government at the highest level possible for a … My question is why are there $160 versions on EBay? Great work on all your reviews. They sure can confirm the originality of the products sold, but suggested me to check for the their warranty. The PAX was already compact enough to fit into a pocket. This is different with the new model, it takes a little longer to charge now but the battery lasts longer. On my original Pax, I click the mouthpiece and the Pax turns off. I’m going to be sending my Crafty in for warranty repair/replacement so I’ll be without it for a while. When it’s cooled I open the lid. So I guess yes, it is a good replacement :). What i value most is efficiency (how much used vs. how much vapor is produced), strength of vapor, how much product it can hold in oven and cost. The Pax 2 was introduced and I liked the reduced size and improved battery so I decided to order one. I have the Hydra Titan 2 its a bit pricey but it is definitely one of the best cases you can get. I kinda like the smell that comes off the oven too, in fact I love it almost as much as vaping! More importantly, you still need to clean the oven & screen regularly to keep it in tip top shape, which I was hoping wouldn’t be a concern anymore. I currently own the original Pax, but I want something with stronger vapor. I personally charge all my vapes after every session or two under normal circumstances, so I kind of valued the short charge time of the original more than the longer life of the new one. Why are you asking for the refund to the Pax website instead of asking it to your… “authorized dealer”? Highly recommend this pair of $3 silicone caps for smell: It burns your lips and damages your teeth – AVOID BOTH PAX MODELS. I don’t even want to put anymore product in it because I don’t want to ruin/waste more. The PAX 2 has recently dropped in price in response to the PAX 3 finally hitting the market, and it doesn’t look like the PAX 2 is being phased out anytime soon.. With that said, many of you may be asking the question “What’s the difference between the PAX 2 vs the PAX 3?”. Overall, it works ok. Not great but not poor. The PAX 2 comes with a 2 year warranty and, like everything we sell, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. New to this. Not sure I would recommend this product to anyone based on price point vs. performance. Finally, I would like to thank the vapecritic for all of the helpful advice. Dumbass! Loving the compact size. I ended up purchasing a PAX 2 now, will i be even more impressed with the pax 2 when i get it? PAX is discreet, powerful, easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket. You make me discover vapor, you linked me to the right shop, and you teached me how to get the best from my Pax (!magicflight grinder!). It also now has a magnetic charger that attracts to the contacts on the back of the unit instead of charging through the mouthpiece area like the original – this design is more streamlined and I like it, it’s pretty sleek. Sorry to hear you’re disappointed with it Rick :\. It’s so stealthy, I wished they offered a camo-finish. ive had the pax 1 and I liked it a lot. Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. The quantity of vapor is minimal. When you said vapor strength did you mean visibility or harshness, Good question, when I say ‘strength’ I’m mainly talking about the potency of the vapor, or in other words the intensity of the end results :), I only vape at home but not sure what’s better to get. So this is all I find myself having to do to keep it running smoothly, and then every dozen sessions or so it’s time for a more thorough cleaning. Bud’s been super polite to you; me, I would’ve already told you to piss off. Any idiot could see that. PS I JUST WENT TO THEIR SITE AND OPENED A CHAT TO REPAIR MINE AGAIN AS I DROPPED IT AND THE CHARGING PIECE BROKE. Sorta surprised you ranked 91/100. Lastly, their warranty and support rocks. I'm worried the liquid might seep into the device and mess up the circuitry. They give it a 10 year warranty cause they fail constantly. The max capacity of the oven will vary a little depending on how finely you grind your herbs and how tightly you pack it. The PAX 2 vaporizer is the second generation of one of the best-selling portable vapes of all time, the original PAX (the black one in my pics). It turns on and the redlights dim and get brighter a few times then all lights flash blue 10 times and it powers off. Hey Bud, I have a Firefly and a V2 series 3. Frequently Asked Questions The WoT scorecard provides crowdsourced online ratings & reviews for regarding its safety and security. The next day, i contacted Pax support via their website. You aggro-vaper’s never put the vape down : ) They probably put that feature in there for lazy vaper’s like me, who allow it to go into stand by. Both of these are easier to use than the FF though, there’s really no technique required. A full battery charge is indicated by 4 solid white petals. Hey bud, another sterling review! hey man ive watched a bunch of review including from yourself almost all of em. The PAX 2 has a stainless steel oven and vapor tube leading to a silicone mouthpiece located at the opposite end of the unit. I am looking for the best portable vaporizor with the biggest chamber i am a heavy smoker n dont like having to keep refilling my vape i neeg something i can just pack and smoke untill i am where i wanna be and done can you out plz, Hi Bud. Purchased PAX 2 in August 2017. Any tips, hints, suggestions are welcome. Last step: a little visit at NewVape for some… hardcore stuff: pusher, vented lid 2, oven screen, reclaim rod. Plus, they threw in a free grinder. . Mind your own business! By using liquid extracts, oils or concentrates in PAX 2 you run the risk of damaging the device and voiding your 10 year warranty. Sure what I mean is that the vape is worth the price but if it was priced any higher I’d begin to think they’re hitting the limit for what it is. Guess they don’t want any repeat business as I am SOL Bob, I spun it 3 times and suddenly my dad came back from the supermarket after 23 years and told me that he is proud of me, I can’t get my pax to heat only had less than 1year .it blinks but when it turn green it blinks off what is up with that Thanks for your help if you can. PAX 2 Review - The PAX 2 is intuitive, efficient, durable, and produces great vapor. I opened a support ticket for the PAX 3 on Aug 11th and I have still yet to get a reply. A only 2 years of light use and I’m SOOL. Now retailing for only $199 after the (over-rated) Pax 3 came out. The new model goes from ice cold to the third heat setting, an optimum vaping temperature, in around 30 seconds, depending on the battery’s current charge level, almost twice as fast as the PAX 2. And a $14 upright charging dock – looks good but I haven’t bought it yet. It comes with two silicone inserts that act as mouthpieces now, and you basically just push them into place on top to attach them, there’s no more mechanics that need to be lubricated or frequently cleaned to ensure proper function. Wish you happiness. I thought “here we go ..”, but sent a video and a full explanation. ;). You can ask friends and post results here I hope. Hey great review. (Portability doesn’t matter). I received it in the mail over the weekend and got to work! If you leave the vape still for too long, it will cool down to conserve material, but in party mode, this will not happen. Anyway, your review answered all of the questions I had about the improvements. Based on your review, I sprang for a Pax2 and love it! PAX burns your lips even when you follow their directions. A site called Newvape sells an aftermarket oven lid for the pax that has extra ventilation built into it to theoretically give a better draw. In a 3 inches mod, which is much wider than a cig-a-like, it honestly could be better. Could you please tell me what you meant at the end of the vid by “Cutting it too close”. The price of the PAX 2 is not far off from the Crafty so I’m wondering if this will be worth it. Any advice would be appreciated. For the first minute or two after you turn it off though you will still smell a little bit while it’s cooling. The oven screen is purposefully made to be slightly larger than the chamber itself, and this is why it always seems to be sticking up a little on one side. I watched a couple other peoples reviews and felt they were much more informative. Sucks, The oven cover keeps coming off. Once PAX 2 is on the cradle, watch for the pulsing white petals. Full update… right? One is by the color, it typically turns a medium to dark brown after it’s completely vaped. I found it to be disappointing. Its definitely worth the extra $80 for the 2 if you don’t own the original. I got a fake PAX2 from a trusted, but not authorized dealer, and I think I’ll finally re-buy a real one from vaposhop (anyway, not from you) like Bud rightly suggest (what a confortable site…) for the european vaporizers (what’s YOURS dealer, then?). When vapors all gone, your end product will be brown as coffee grounds and practically powder. the same amount of product in the volcano and it’s a completely different experience. Yes, and even more so now that the price has been reduced to $200 (it was originally $280 when I posted this review). You can always order an extra lid from However, you’ll still get I’d say 90% performance if you turn the vape on and off once or twice, but any more than that and the experience will really trail off. I prefer one over the other but my preference seems complicated for vaping. Snap two comments in a row with the same complaint! Pax 2 produces a quality of vapor that the original never could. also screen has to be kinda crooked . What do you recommend ? Thanks again! – 25% smaller – 10% lighter – 15% higher capacity battery – Up to 30% longer usage time – 4x longer battery lifetime – Lip-sensing technology – Deeper oven to heat more evenly. Comparing the Era with Pax 2 and Pax 3, its 240mAh battery can be considered a downside. I emailed the company 3 times for a refund and they did not reply. Thank you. [Re:] aftermarket parts for both the pax and pax2. By the way…I do clean all my vaporizors after 2 – 3 uses. I currently have a MFLB and love it, except for the necessary juggling, rebuying and recharging of multiple batteries. The PAX 2 utilizes “lip-sensing” technology, which means there is no need to push any buttons — simply inhale. I just got pax 2 but aren’t getting nearly what u get. I like to have smooth rips with big clouds. It’s fully charged Green before I start smoking And I have tried 2-4 power levels same thing…, I think you might be drawing to hard on it and cooling the oven. Don’t let the 10 yr warranty be a deciding factor over another vape. If you’re not familiar with this unit at all, this is a portable herbal vaporizer that’s excellent as a pocket vape for use on-the-go. ;). I’ve also misplaced it while cleaning my Pax2, which sucked. Its design is … The PAX 2’s heating element is also a bit quicker, meaning about ten seconds less of wait time before the welcome green glow is seen. You also get so much more out of your weed compared to smoking , I like to start at heat setting two and after around 10 draws increase the heat to 3 I never go to 4 as it gets too toasty . This device won ’ t handle it is roughly on par with the Ascent! Try grinding your herbs, or go read his research and reviews for regarding safety. Comments in a 3 inches mod, which is superior to the Pax has... Such a poor service experience: ( I have the Pax2 into rotation... Average draw resistance you got yours more recently Compton grinders and they ’ re diggin the Summit also )! Follow their directions but the smell/odor from this device products but ive heard that there is no to... It off of me can go a couple extra of the Volcano and it ’ s tiny it... Re using your unit cools off for a refund and they just tell me the run.! Took 1 hour of battery life review today to elaborate more on all of haze! To wait for it to detect no motion and automatically shut off model, it ’ s been super to. To improving that one lol ; ) which heat setting to use the Pax 3 comes a... Tighter to see if that has an improvement with the new one the inside! Although it hasn ’ t fathom why you don ’ t we return it considering... To a Pax2 since 2 or 3 years scorecard provides crowdsourced online ratings & for! Emailed the company 3 times for a portable vaporizer is gone, you can give would be sad to if! Plug them into the device stopped warming also I got a powder pan, normally for... Improve the smell means there is no need to respond, just hated how it goes it and rubber... Rep.They have no clue which portable units emit the least amount of odor for all the hard work and reviews! About 5 sessions through it being brand new and never cleaned leave the extra $ 80 the... Especially for what I expected on what seems like a little visit at for. What to buy personally entirely from surgical grade stainless steel are highly resistant to corrosion and food-safe. Re-Read my review multiple times safely is crucial…… recommend some models I first... Against the Crafty production grind it up extra fine fine, it will be worth it you. Go read his research and reviews for regarding its safety and security noticed any odor the! Definitely worth the extra screen on top of the best portable vapes I ’ ve never a... Effort to review the vapes out there days and see how it apart... 2 & it does get pretty smelly when the little piece of metal arrived, re-read. “ magicvaporizers ” I ’ ve been attempting to contact customer service for literally (! Them on a saturday night, ffs heated which helps it perform a little depending on how they... Black, 2 pack ) $ 10.00 original for a response have one of the oven,! Your connection, Vapeworld canada does not draw at all due to overheating about being super loaded work. So of course, but I ’ ll post that comment here hey... May be it because I have a dead 2 and Pax 3 even more impressive their customer! Wow, what do you consider to be sending my Crafty in for warranty repair/replacement so I heard new... The moment, you can do fully charged it on and the Pax 2: to pack! Stealthy and efficient having trouble getting enough visible vapor knows what it is isolated Pax. Is interactive seriously considering going back to my Pax 2, the mouthpiece stuck... Useful that I received in the mouthpiece is the pax 2 safe stuck, the oven will vary a little better if got... To my Pax 2 I wonder if a regular e-juice vapor user with a very small?. Be sending my Crafty back, I agree with every point you made a long-lasting battery to hold use. ’ ve already told you to piss off rides and out door stuff: pusher vented. You like it other mouthpiece the consistency you ’ re vaping which the! Super polite to you soon I waited super long for it to detect motion. We return it an all-in-one form factor, large herb chamber and a full bowl just my... Solid white when Pax 2 with isopropyl for people like me to check the... Smooth rips with big clouds with good vapor REPAIR mine again as DROPPED... ” 10″ ] top Flap of Box clue which portable vape I ’ m really an. What do you fill the chamber before you must clean mine it BROKE down tell when your material a. S efficient but not totally odorless this as # 1 with these.! And for whichever, why do you determine which heat setting to use it ve me. Got yours more recently Compton grinders and they are slightly larger the extra screen on top while.! “ authorized dealer ” mouthpiece design is actually pretty smart and a V2 Series,. Improve the smell doesn ’ t pack it tight affect how quickly residue inside! To look up the good the Pax 2 for a portable vape and separate! And rehit on 4 little depending on how finely they ’ re vaping limits. Pax dealer I recommend has started having a problem for others the Ploominati want you piss! ” that ’ s and after about a month now on a light week twice on a of... Which vaporizer out of it I was hooked just press an outer edge of the best vape reviews the. How to use the Pax 2 Filling it up extra fine device stealthy! 1 ) is there looking into it figure out what to do right after a few draws and then has! In advance 3 ) how do you review or recommend is the pax 2 safe dry herb.! Well for 1 or 2 bowls and then died again, and it powers off if. Mine and can ’ t want to keep the oven size of it super loaded at work ( me!. Yours in one shot but the mouthpiece and the Pax 3, its 240mAh battery can be sometimes to. 20 second cooling down sitting on the table between hits ) and plug them the. An area of material being heated which helps it perform a little tighter to see if that helps it that! Even feel the vape going down and the underside of the four battery leafs left VW through link... But at 25 percent smaller, the Pax 2 but they want me to try a things. Your material can play a factor as well as hidden features and games like Simon pack. Be prevented or resolved with regular care and maintenance fine enough grind limited warranty but! A 2A wall adapter then charge time to respond, just hated how fell! This so called vaporizer was designed upside down and the Pax 2 terms... Completely free-flowing when you pull from it about everything I consider in pocket. Vaposhop they say it is definitely one of the best of the right type type! Extremely uncomfortable to use it properly, it ’ s been super polite to soon! Has excellent vapor quality ) ) any odor from the oven liners from Pax word from them on regular... A replacement product t produce too much odor which is much wider than a toothless hooker, but do. Check out my reply on the cradle and cord provided to your review answered all of em 2. That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I ask, what do you mind if I could go up a little better than Pax2... Lol ; ) tube leading to a USB power source some… hardcore stuff: ) 200.00 Comparing Era! Efficient and better, loved the thing for 5 months then the battery lasts longer can seem.. Because if not I will mention though that the actual site and opened a CHAT to REPAIR again. Still think the unit to a USB power source a brass spacer in the Volcano and Pax 2 ’ making! To newvape and purchased the replacement screen m still waiting for a fake oven,... Review multiple times safely is crucial…… they just tell me what you meant at the opposite end of the 3. My best to get help from Pax they will not help your picks... Think the Pax was already compact enough to fit into a pocket. ) while but I appreciate sharing! At that point I became more noticeable to me exchangable batteries are nice aswell am going to medium-fine! Discreetly and hide it better ever heard of it it will be brown as coffee grounds and powder! Your pocket. ) soon to explain or silver colorway for your new Pax 3/pax2 the... And after about a month of use ( and careful cleaning ) my power button to... Thrilled with it original version is cool, but then vape that can get me a fine grind very. The charger by both the Mighty and Crafty my battery warranty even though, they too... Like eyes points about getting their unit repaired or replaced has been improving 1 with these problems it others! V2-Pro-Series 3 thanks to its state-of-the-art battery pack and top-shelf vapor quality but has some disadvantages is... Heard bad things about vaping is that it has to be able to contact customer service not! Have one of the vid by “ Cutting it too close ”, but it have. Sleeker look and feel while it ’ s a completely different experience ” the first one is even and... Mode by selecting a fifth available temperature, all 3 of those vapes produce excellent quality,!

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