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Are the paragraphs arranged in a logical sequence? For each project completed, you get to keep 60% of the final project price as a PayPal payment. Here’s another reason you might enjoy OneSpace, they offer free next-day PayPal payments for every completed job! Have you defined any important terms that might be unclear to your reader? If you have ever needed help on an assignment or needed an online tutor, you might have visited IXL Learning. Get some distance from the text! Print out your text and review it line by line. This handout contains seven errors our proofreader should have caught: three spelling errors, two punctuation errors, and two grammatical errors. Select the file, or files, that you want to check in, then select Check in. This tutorial models using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word to proofread a sample sentence in a document. To proofread a document is to carefully read it to find any errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar, so they can be corrected before publishing. I’ve been working from home for years! Can someone who did a lot of medical transcription and proofreading break into this field? You can also select “Show Markup” under the “Markup” dropdown (see first screenshot from this section) to customize exactly what you would like to see. Proofreading Tips. EditFast lets you proofread a variety of different projects. For example, a book outliner can make between $50 and $65 per hour. While they are not always in need of a proofreader, you can comb through their openings to see if any proofreading jobs are available at the moment. As an English major, and part of a large hospital’s marketing team, I am often asked by friends, “Can you take a look at my paper?”, or hear the desperate cry of, “Help! The below resources can help you optimize your efforts so you can spend less time looking for clients and more time proofreading! Does your writing contain a lot of unnecessary phrases like “there is,” “there are,” “due to the fact that,” etc.? Fiverr connects freelance proofreaders and other digital services to businesses. To check the permission configuration of a file, use the command: ls –l [file_name] For instance, the command for the previously mentioned file would be: ls –l test.txt. Most people use the words editor and proofreader interchangeably. Since your future clients are not always going to ask if you can proofread their writing, you will need to show some initiative and seek your own clients. Not exactly. But like it or not, the way a paper looks affects the way others judge it. Managed Editing will connect you with clients to proofread technical writing some of the following topics: Pay is hourly and you will be hired as an independent contractor. Before You Proofread Be sure you’ve revised the larger aspects of your text. ), Does your paper have an appropriate introduction and conclusion? That’s great to hear. To edit/proofread your essay/paper, first read it and make sure it makes sense. Are the claims you make accurate? This is not a comprehensive list of resources on the handout’s topic, and we encourage you to do your own research to find the latest publications on this topic. If you like the idea of editing books, Kirkus Media can be an exciting opportunity. As a general proofreader you need to know common proofreading marks and how to attract clients. Most obviously, run a spell check – but don’t rely on the computer to catch every mistake. Microsoft’s Spelling and Grammar tool and Grammarly’s online editor are two handy tools to catch spelling, grammatical errors, and some syntax errors that your spellcheck may miss. Several writing style guides (APA, AMA, Chicago Style, etc. EditFast lets you proofread a variety of different projects. You should try to proofread a paper copy of the document instead of proofreading on a computer screen. You must have an undergraduate degree and at least three years of editing, writing, or language-teaching experience. If you have the prior experience and the proper credentials, you should have no problem. View samples of our proofreading and editing work. Writing Clearly: Grammar for Editing. ), Does each paragraph have a clear topic sentence? 2. And, you must also have at least two years of professional experience as a copyeditor, editor, or proofreader. 3rd ed. You might even find that you really like it. (See our handout on paragraph development.). Scribendi offers work-from-home proofreading jobs where they select assignments that will interest you. Is your use of gendered language (masculine and feminine pronouns like “he” or “she,” words like “fireman” that contain “man,” and words that some people incorrectly assume apply to only one gender—for example, some people assume “nurse” must refer to a woman) appropriate? It can also be an easier way to find companies that are looking for remote workers. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2011. Most people devote only a few minutes to proofreading, hoping to catch any glaring errors that jump out from the page. Think about Editing: An ESL Guide for the Harbrace Handbooks. You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout and attribute the source: The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Writing Center We are sorry. Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process, focusing on surface errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and punctuation. He has been featured in the US News and World Report, Student Loan Hero, and more. If you want a work at home job that pays weekly, Domainite can fit the bill as they will send you PayPal cash each week. Wait for the file to be uploaded and then click the “Check File Type” button. Is it clear what each pronoun (he, she, it, they, which, who, this, etc.) Having your own website is the easiest way to build an online presence so you can begin building relationships that can lead to future proofreading jobs. WordsRU will let you proofread the following documents: They do have some rather selective criteria to be hired. (919) 962-7710 It’s better to work with a definite plan that helps you to search systematically for specific kinds of errors. Proofreaders like you can be the missing ingredient that helps writers look immaculate and professional. * Take your time - if possible, create some distance between you and the document by leaving time between writing and proofreading. Some of the links included in this article are from our advertisers. In addition to your normal PayPal payment, you can even receive free training and incentives that can be redeemed at online retailers. You have a talent. The important thing is to make the process systematic and focused so that you catch as many errors as possible in the least amount of time. Proofreading is about more than good manners. In the Check In dialog box, you can enter a comment, such as what you changed or added. After creating an account and uploading your resume, you will complete a 35-question test to finish the application process. If you’re looking at a view of the library on another page, you may have to click the title of the library first. Clear your head of what you’ve written so you can take a fresh look at the paper and see what is really on the page. Note: You can also right click the file, click Advanced or More, and then click Check In. Many bloggers love to hire freelance editors for copyediting and proofreading jobs. FlexJobs is a paid job board that is similar to Indeed, but, they do screen offers to ensure no listing is a scam. Try to find them, and then check a version of this page with the errors marked in red to see if you’re a proofreading star. Lanham, Richard A. Revising Prose. Proofread Word documents are corrected using the Track Changes option with a second document generated that contains the accepted modifications. Proofread Anywhere is founded by Caitlin Pyle, who created a proofreading business by sharing her expertise to help the next generation of proofreaders (including you) to succeed. This could be a superb part-time financial gain that may, step by step, be changed into a regular financial gain as your skills improve. You might consider TranscribeMe as one of your first considerations, but there are many options. Legal Proofreading Print out the document if possible. While some proofreaders are only charging $5 per gig, other highly-ranked proofreaders are charging up to $200 per piece. Plus this is one of the simplest work from home jobs you can start as a side hustle, grow to part-time, and perhaps full-time. Have you supported each point with adequate evidence? That’s how most career transitions happen. Next, you’ll need to know how to track changes. can be another application option as you take a 20-minute screening test and they welcome proofreaders from every country, you just have to be proficient in English. Having experience editing documents translated by non-native speakers or editing experience in specialized subjects such as medical, technical, novels, and patents will also improve your chances of being selected for a new project. New York: Three Rivers Press, 1998. General Proofreading . This will encourage you to look carefully at each word as you read it and, by reading the sentences aloud, you will be able to hear how they actually sound. If so, you can put your keen eyes to use as a proofreader. For some positions, you may need a relevant graduate degree and professional experience. They might not always be advertising proofreader positions, but when they do, you can earn $3,000 per project. Check in a file to a document library Open the library, and select the file you want to check in. Click the ellipsis (...) in the toolbar and then click Check In. Can you always spot when someone doesn’t dot their i’s or cross their t’s? Auto-correct strikes again, huh? It’s even possible to earn benefits from this job, which is extremely rare in the freelancer world. Print it out (on scrap paper), walk away from the distractions of your desk and give it all your attention. You’re exactly right. On the other hand, I know this isn't possible for things like e-mail or rushed projects, so here are four proofreading tips I've collected over the years. This makes the entire writing proccess more efficient. Review your own emails several times to correct any errors before hitting “Send”. Open up Word and go to the Review tab as shown in a screenshot. Is your thesis clearly stated in your introduction? Is it clear how each paragraph in the body of your paper is related to your thesis? You can’t go wrong with online training through General Proofreading: Theory & Practice. For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial. Monday 10 am-8 pm EDT Tuesday 10 am-10 pm EDT Wednesday 8 am-8 pm EDT Thursday 10 am-8 pm EDT Friday 10 am-4 pm EDT Saturday Closed Sunday 3 pm-7 pm EDT, © 2021 The Writing Center • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a version of this page with the errors marked in red, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 License. Proofread documents in other formats are returned in various ways, including but not limited to, a separate Word document listing the errata. For example, you may have to click Documents first to go to the Documents library. Go for a run. While some jobs do require you to work in a corporate office, they do offer several telecommute jobs as well. It is easy to proofread in Word. 1. When you’ve worked hard to develop and present your ideas, you don’t want careless errors distracting your reader from what you have to say. As long as we have a tendency to still write articles, books, and anything that may be browsed, there’ll be a requirement for proofreaders. Proofreading might be an excellent income-making opportunity if you find yourself doing any of these behaviors on a regular basis: As long as we continue to write articles, books, and anything else that can be read, there will be a demand for proofreaders. According to the current job listings, you will need an extensive knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster, and Microsoft Word. Proofreading jobs are not always listed, so check back periodically when you can take on more work. Of course, this is not the most environmentally friendly approach, so you might choose to save it for the most business-critical documents. When you are editing an early draft, you don’t want to be bothered with thinking about punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Prior experience is necessary to be hired. You might also be able to hire for a writer position as well. They are different, however, and have distinct roles. It’s recommended that you have at least three years of editing experience to be considered for most of the Managed Editing projects. Step 2 Click the “Review” tab. Proofreading tips. If you have five years of proofreading experience, you can submit an application to ProofreadingPal which hires two proofreaders for every piece. Both Indeed and FlexJobs might be a better option if you are looking to work directly with a company instead of going through a freelancer platform that will keep a portion of your earnings as a commission.

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