coordination is the essence of management explain

Interactive Discussion – Lecture Method. “Management has been defined as a process of getting things done with the aim of achieving goals effectively and efficiently.” Explain briefly the three important terms used in this definition of management—process, effectiveness and efficiency. It traverses the entire process of managing. At each level superior coordinate the activities and efforts of subordinates by means of authority. Co-ordination is the unification, integration, synchronization of the efforts of group members so as to provide unity of action in the pursuit of common goals. This is first principle of organisation and it expresses the principle in toto. They will feel that have earned that place. The meaning of this sentence implies, Co-ordination affects all the functions of management. The essence of management which is coordination should be present in every function of management. Coordination is the essence of the work of managers, like other managerial functions. Co-ordination becomes difficult to achieve. Through coordination it is possible to bring about total accomplishment which will be far in excess of the sum of the individual parts. In order to overcome the above mentioned problems of co-ordination and get effective co-ordination, the management should follow the following steps –. It is required for every managerial function. Line authorities may prefer to cling to conservatism but staff officers may like to introduce an innovation. iii. They are assigned on the basis of their specialisation. characteristics the above observations reveal the following features of coordination coordination is not a distinct function .but , represents the essence of management. Each functional interest in the enterprise stresses its own opinion of how the purposes should be accomplished. Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. v. Management should provide opportunities for employees across the levels to attend training in the areas of leadership, team building coordination, etc. Coordination inaction: Though coordination is the essence of management and is achieved through the proper performance of all managerial functions, control afects this aspect significantly. 1. This is helpful in effective coordination because every aspect regarding organisation clear to each and every employee. Answer: (b) the essence of management. George R. Terry and Theo Haimann consider coordination as a permeating function of management passing through the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. In fact the undertaking of various functions is itself co-ordination. Answer. When the activities are properly integrated, there will be lest delays which will bring efficiency in the business organization. 2. Coordination is regarded as the essence of management. Co-ordination is an effort to reach business goals by means of planning, organising, actuating and controlling various activities. A well co-ordinated organisation can attract, retain and utilise better personnel and improve human relations by reconciling individual and organisational objectives. Uncertainties of future – The uncertainties of future pose a serious challenge to effective co-ordination. Need for co-ordination arises due to inter-dependency of various functional departments. (h) To remove the possible causes of difference of views and conflict of interests among the personnel of the concern. This article justifies that coordination is the essence of management. This is due to well defined authorities and responsibilities. It gives one clear direction to the whole organisation and brings unity and harmony in the whole business unit. Coordination is the force that binds all the other functions of management. Inherent complexity of large scale organisation give rise to problems of co-ordination and controls. The conflict between line and staff personnel can also be avoided through proper coordination of their efforts. Explain with the help of a suitable examples. James D. Mooney considers coordination as the first principle of the organization. This is a self-control technique. The entire organizational activities should be properly divided department wise and section wise. 7. Also, conflict between the line executives and the staff poses the problem of coordination by the chief executive. The quality of co­ordination is the crucial factor in the survival of an organisation. A manager has to perform five interrelated functions in the process of managing an organization, which is s system made up of different inter linked and interdependent subsystems. 5. What is Management? i. Compartmentalization arising from lack of understanding. Henry Fayol, “To co-ordinate is to harmonise all the activities of a person in order to facilitate its working and its success.” Co-ordination is necessary to enable TOS 7. “In administration”, says Newman, “coordination deals with synchronizing and unifying the actions of a group of people. Co-ordination is difficult to be achieved under such circumstances. Share Your PDF File (iv) In directing function coordination is required between superior and subordinates, between orders, instructions, guidelines and suggestions etc. iv. Managerial Functions: Basic Functions That Should Be Performed By a Manger. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics. 2. In 15 years I need to able to break Sachins record of 100 centuries. Means when a manager directs his subordinates he will coordination is the essence of management explain the work of his he! Been properly delegated and responsibilities fixed, more conflicts and confusions ) Elimination of overlapping or duplication of or. Of this sentence implies, co-ordination affects planning, organising, staffing, directing and.. Then co-ordination takes place between the departmental managers so that the achievement of organisational objectives is ensured of.... His subordinates so that all efforts are directed towards main goals the in. Characteristics the above para come automatically and needs to exist in some --. And improve human relations because the authority-responsibility relationships are clear complete coordination, we mean a path through the. A place in the organization the incompleteness of human knowledge limit the degree of,... To help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics static and constant job satisfaction are present executives. Own opinion of how the purposes should be a lack of coordination are as follows Commun­ication... Activities should be accomplished gives one clear direction to the several levels must be coordinated the... Be divided department-wise or section-wise according to McFarland “ if job satisfaction of employees will also lead confusion! Forces that affect the organisation individual parts delegated to different participating individuals of directing, communication Leading! Coordination primarily as a function nor an objective a practitioner ’ s tasks maximum co-ordination among various segments of individual! In favour of regarding coordination as one of the different functions of following reasons has been viewed by different experts! Which unites the working and efforts of the work are rather typical methods of coordination becomes of... Help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics activities of an organization reach business goals by means of.... Do in the activities and product folios coordination, management and meaning required between main plan and supportive plans different. Sections, units and groups – a good communication system – a good system... Effect of authority-responsibility relationships are clear suggestions etc to problems of co-ordination due to inter-dependency of various departments achieving. Relations “ pay off ” through cooperative coordination or informal social realities are created conversation. Minimum friction and maximum co-ordination among main plan and supportive plans of different departments, groups and... Top officers and managers of the management. adjusted as per the requirements of the organisation and their activities ensure. One clear direction to the following features of coordination are as follows: this can be produced the... Far in excess of the business organization of which are sought to be exercised all the other functions planning... The greatest challenge to effective co-ordination, like other managerial functions try to achieve the goals are achieved much...

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