Visual Identity

Cassiopeia logotype

We have assigned Think Positive New Media the responsibility of designing our visual corporate identity. Of course the most essential aspect of it to start was the logo design process.Our designers extended their research towards many directions from where they kept the elements that would shape our logo and eventually our corporate identity as a whole.

The name itself has been a source of inspiration for Think Positive: the mythological name of Cassiopeia was given to the constellation and since looking at the stars has been one of the most ancient ways of navigating, it could not be ignored. Moreover history of navigation has met contemporary technology and marine instruments such as the radar provide another shape for our logo that along with our initial letter, the final outcome would be complete.

A logo that will stand the test of time and reflect our industry and values in a simple shape. A logo that will respond to the contemporary aesthetics but also be memorable to the ones that will come across Cassiopeia Shipmanagement.

Wolda 2018

Silver Award

Our logo, designed by Think Positive Design Studio, has received the WOLDA 2018 (9th Worldwide Logo Design Award) Silver Award. Thank you Think Positive!

WOLDA 2018