Crew Management

Crew management

Our Crew management services include but not limited the following services:

  1. Cassiopeia Shipmanagement looking for passionate and experience seafarers who are delicate to work with us. After sending your CV, professional Crewing Officers will examine your certificates and experience. In addition, reference might be requested from Crewing Officers. Finally, the crew should pass English Test and CES Test in order to be consider as a successful candidate.

    • Arrange the crew change planning well in advance.
    • Crewing Officers is responsible for preparing the successful candidate in order to reach the specific requirements requested from the owner and the port.
    • Our office ensures that all necessary requirements for embarkation and disembarkation take place.
  2. One of our top priority is to provide payments on time for our crew without any delays. With the new technology that we are using and the daily communication we have all seafarers receive their earnings on time.

  3. CSL as a crew manager ensure that Member's/Owner's interest will be always protected with the best possible way providing the excellent crew claims handling service. With our knowledge and maintaining close contact with the well experienced teams of P&I Clubs, we are able to resolve problems effectively and to minimize financial impact for our Member. We continuously monitor the progress of each crew medical case communicating with external parties for a better control.

  4. On Behalf of the seafarers the crew manager applies on-line or via email for the flag documents of each seafarers.

  5. Our Office is in charge to control the clothing stock in collaboration with the Ship’s Master. CSL ensures the owners that the crew will have the appropriate clothes in order to work under good and safe conditions.

  6. Gather performance reports for each crew before disembarkation. Appraisals reports are considered and examined by our Crewing officers and have as a priority to provide to our collaborators high qualified Seafarers.

  7. Cassiopeia Shipmanagement acknowledge that training for seafarer is an important factor. We aid the Owners regarding the specific training that is required for each crew member such as ECDIS, in-house training and SMS training.

  8. Cassiopeia Ship management have always as priority to meet our clients’ expectations and constantly strive to add value to their businesses. We are here to secure and improve the quality and well-being of our Seafarers on-board through professional, transparent service and exceptional attention to detail.

    Keeping our seafarers motivated is a significant factor and can only be achieved through the provision of healthy and nutritious meals. At Cassiopeia Shipmanagement, we ensure that the quality and variety of products delivered on-board our clients’ vessels, fulfil the diverse needs and preferences of the crew.

    Our experienced collaborators cooperate with the best suppliers in each port for each ship’s specific provisioning needs, screening quotations from multiple suppliers on our customers’ behalf. They coordinate on-board deliveries with the ship’s agent and ensure that quality provisions are delivered on time wherever our clients’ vessels are in the world and to any time zone.

    At the same time, through the supply of provisions, we ensure that our customers receive the best results for their budget. At Cassiopeia Shipmanagement, we can leverage our procurement volumes and provide the quality and variety of products required for a fixed rate per person per day. A fixed monthly cost gives our clients further peace of mind throughout the year, ensuring financial consistency.

  9. Crew welfare is an area whose importance has been growing rapidly the last decade as it has become more and more difficult to attract and keep qualified workforce. Being able – in their free time – to surf the Internet and communicate with family and friends has been proven to be an important factor in helping to attract and keep crew members.

    The provision of crew welfare aims at balancing effectively the work responsibilities and interests especially in the case of seafaring profession where the quality of working conditions and work-life balance are essentials for the effective and safe operation of ships. The ship is a working and simultaneously a living environment, thus making seafaring a profession with particular patterns and needs.

    It is important to mention that our company ‘’Cassiopeia Ship management’’ is in compliance with all the legal regulations MLC 2006 regarding the seafarers living and working conditions and ILO for the rights and protection at work for the seafarers.

    Cassiopeia Ship management understands the need and the importance of a wellbeing workplace and a good living environment, so we provide a fixed amount for each ship every month as Crew Welfare. A psychological well-being seafarer is related to positive mood and emotions while they are seeking to be satisfied, motivated, committed and productive at work.

  10. As a crewing company we want our crew to be satisfy and any concern that may arise they can communicate through emails or via phone with our well-trained Superintendents. One of our company policies is to meet our well-trained crew on board and, so superintendents attend vessels on an annual basis and report to the management.

  11. Following International Accounting Standards, we provide to shipowners’ high quality financial services on monthly basis. By using one of the TOP accounting software systems, we can provide to each client, financial reporting based on their requirements, in Fast, Efficient and secure way. Review meetings are taking place in case of budget variances, for recommendations and actions to be taken.

  12. Aim of our company is to provide to our customers on an annual and quarterly period the status of our Crew. Our customers are receiving a full detailed report with all relevant information which is exported from our systems in a professional way.

Our services can be tailor made in accordance with the requirements of our principals. Therefore we can provide either a “full crew management” scheme based on fixed monthly Lump sum budget govern under BIMCO Crewman B contract 2009 or a “ cost plus fee crew management “ scheme , govern under BIMCO Crewman A contract 2009.

Office in office

For principals who would like to have a daily overlook of the crewing activities, we can offer dedicated office space in any of our locations. For these scheme the principal may choose to have either one of the crewing schemes that we offer with the addition of an office in office arrangement. Of course, we are very open to discuss any alterations in order to build together with our principals the appropriate crewing scheme that suits better their profile and organization.

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