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New website. New era.

24 Jun 2021


Everyone's strength is seen in the difficult moments, in the obstacles, when the circumstances are not on his side, to come out unscathed or even with the fewest possible losses. When you manage to emerge from such situations stronger and wiser, then you have accomplished something very few can: you have triumphed!

And we at Cassiopeia believe that we have emerged from the unprecedented (terrible) experience of the covid-19 pandemic, wiser, stronger, and with many mental reserves that we did not even actually realise we attained.

Our concern for each of our sailors, for each of our own people in every possible part of the world, and our ongoing effort to be safe and healthy for both them and their families, spurred us to feel the need for even greater improvement of our services, as well as a refresher of our image, which is symbolically combined with our new habits following the expiration of many months of restrictions.

Our new website is part of our renewal, and it will continue to be improved and enriched. However, as previously stated, the website is only one “component” of the Cassiopeia update. Keep an eye out for more